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Speaking the Truth with Boldness Pt.1

9 minute read / 4 Comments / 26 shares

While both cowardice and boldness in all of us, my goal is to completely eradicate any trace of cowardice. This study is how to overcome is.

My Dirty Soul

9 minute read / 1 Comment / 0 shares

It’s time to start talking more about the problems within, rather than the problems in the corrupted Church. The “Institutional Church” biblically known as “Mystery Babylon Mother of Harlots” (Revelation 17:5) … Read More »

What is Discipleship?

16 minute read / 1 Comment / 4 shares

The early churches made disciples, and in turn, they went out and made more disciples. The church needs to return to biblical discipleship.

The Ugliness of Pride & Arrogance

15 minute read / 6 Comments / 7 shares

Here we discuss pride, arrogance and their damaging effects on everyone. Certainly love is not proud. If we say we love one another, we must be humble.

What is Kindness?

8 minute read / 3 Comments / 2 shares

Jesus felt the pain of others. He had compassion for them and helped them. We must do the same. We must care enough for other human beings to try and understand what they feel and to do something about it.

God’s Standards Are Too High?

8 minute read / 4 Comments / 5 shares

They cringe at the fact that Faith in Jesus requires some effort on their part. They begin to realize the uncomfortable requirements of obedience, humility and love of one’s neighbor; … Read More »

Excuses for Sin

5 minute read / 7 Comments / 59 shares

This is about Christians who blatantly continue in sin, act as if it’s insignificant, who disobey God, and then say, “we all fall short, we’re all growing.”

What is the Institutional Church?

10 minute read / 32 Comments / 331 shares

The institutional church is the collected group of professing Christians who don’t want a relationship with Jesus Christ on his terms, but on theirs.

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