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How to walk in the Spirit: The key to power

9 minute read / 8 Comments / 5 shares

Walking in the Spirit is often neglected by newborns in Christ. I’m here to reiterate one of the greatest gifts given to man and how to walk in his power.

“You must be born again”

12 minute read / 1 Comment / 3 shares

In this article we talk about the importance of being born again, how to be born again, what actually happens to a person, and how to discern whether or not someone is genuinely born again.

How can I know if I’m a child of God?

9 minute read / 3 Comments / 3 shares

You can know if you’re child of God if you frequently examine yourself, have a proper attitude towards sin, engage in personal bible study, and self government.

HELP: The Black Hebrew Israelites Are Destroying My Marriage

9 minute read / 23 Comments / 60 shares

The goal of this article is provide a solution for Christian wives whose husbands have veered off into Israelite hate groups. The solution is submission and complete trust in God for your husband’s deliverance. This article will show you how to do it.

Does God really prohibit polygamy?

14 minute read / 6 Comments / 4 shares

Ultimately under American law, polygamy is illegal and since God ordained the governing authorities, God prohibits polygamy specifically in America, but not everywhere.

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