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Series    Being Bold for God

Speaking the Truth with Boldness Pt.1

9 minute read / 4 Comments / 26 shares

While both cowardice and boldness in all of us, my goal is to completely eradicate any trace of cowardice. This study is how to overcome is.

Speaking the Truth with Boldness Pt.2

20 minute read / 4 Comments / 11 shares

Here I expose how the false Church and its agents are used to program you and I into being cowards. This must be addressed because cowardice can lead to other forms of bondage.

Speaking the Truth with Boldness Pt.3

17 minute read / 4 Comments / 10 shares

Speaking the truth is often met with people trying to convince you to water-down your message, or shut-up completely. Here’s how to respond to the backlash.