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Series    Secret of Racism

Warning: This series may be offensive to some. This series is designed to help us understand racism from a biblical perspective, it’s origins and how to deal with it. Specifically, this is to the followers of Jesus Christ—to help overcome this tactic of division and corruption.

Why I Believe Black People are the Israelites

19 minute read / 27 Comments / 819 shares

Why are blacks mistreated so much in America and are they really the descendants of the Israelites of the Old Testament? I did a study. Here’s what I found.

A Secret Behind Racism

10 minute read / 31 shares

Most folks in America, both whites and blacks, don’t really understand what racism is. Here we discuss it from a biblical perspective.

Racism: Power and Confusion

8 minute read / 3 Comments / 11 shares

Most white people have racist thoughts that are not originally their own. Here we uncover the power of racism and how it hides itself and causes confusion.

Racism: Media Manipulation

11 minute read / 17 shares

Here we uncover how the system of racism / white supremacy deceives & destroys the psyche of decent, unsuspecting white people and turns them into racists. Also: how to reverse the process and save your mind.

Racism: Engineering a People

17 minute read / 3 Comments / 27 shares

Here, we expose the systems behind the negative behavior in the black community. Black people aren’t solely responsible for their condition. Here’s the proof.

Racism: The Real Reason Slavery Ended

8 minute read / 5 Comments / 78 shares

History would like us to believe that Lincoln freed the slaves for moral reasons and that blacks waited for him to save them, but that’s not what happened.

Racism: The School to Prison Pipeline

11 minute read / 35 shares

Why is there a high school dropout rate among black boys? Why is there a great percentage of black males in prison? This article helps you understand why.

Racism & Religion Pt1: The Pope and Slavery

3 minute read / 48 shares

Learn how religion is used to keep black people subservient, clueless to their true identity, divided, stuck in sin and thinking the “white man” is God.

Racism and Colorism

12 minute read / 29 shares

Discover what colorism is, how it works, its origins and impact on the world; and what God has to say about dark-skinned and light-skinned people.

Racism: The Origin of White Skin

15 minute read / 4 Comments / 226 shares

Why is white skin considered to be superior? Where did white skin come from? Were the first human beings white-skinned? Did God make white-skinned people?

Racism: Six Secrets Revealed

23 minute read / 6 Comments / 13 shares

This is the end to the Secret of Racism series. In this last post I’ll reiterate the few secrets already revealed and include a few more. There are 6 secrets in total.