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The Qualifications of a Pastor

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With all the duties of a pastor, Paul gives 15 strict qualifications a man must meet in order to be a pastor. We’ll cover them all here.

The Duties of a Pastor

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The main responsibility of a pastor is feeding and caring for the sheep, but what this all involves is not what most pastors are doing.

Pastor, Bishop, Elder: What’s the difference?

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Answer: They’re all the same function–no one is different than the other. And they used to tell me that a bishop was “over” a pastor. Nope. See the proof.

3 Kinds of Prophets for the Body of Christ

5 minute read / 6 Comments / 16 shares

I want to share what seems to be 3 different kinds of prophets that have been given to us: The occasional, the operational and the administrative prophet.

4 Kinds of People Who Leave Church

2 minute read / 2 Comments / 24 shares

http://www.letspleasegod.com/wp-content/uploads/4kinds.mp3 Being out of the Institutional Church (IC) for 4+ years (to date), I’ve run into 4 kinds of people: 1. Left the IC, but the IC is still in … Read More »

King James Only

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In Matthew 17:21, Jesus told us that some demons can’t be cast out because we haven’t humbled ourselves through prayer and fasting. The New International Version (NIV) of the bible … Read More »

What is Discipleship?

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The early churches made disciples, and in turn, they went out and made more disciples. The church needs to return to biblical discipleship.

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