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Topic    Black Hebrew Israelites

We believe the assertion that most black people are the Israelites of the bible. You can read the research about that topic in this article: Why I Believe Black People are Israelites of the Bible. The Black Hebrew Israelites are not necessarily a religion but a nationality of people, but with a nationality comes a heritage, customs, and a religion. Some of these religions and what they teach as the way to salvation is what we have a problem with and discuss in this section.

“You must be born again”

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In this article we talk about the importance of being born again, how to be born again, what actually happens to a person, and how to discern whether or not someone is genuinely born again.

HELP: The Black Hebrew Israelites Are Destroying My Marriage

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The goal of this article is provide a solution for Christian wives whose husbands have veered off into Israelite hate groups. The solution is submission and complete trust in God for your husband’s deliverance. This article will show you how to do it.

How to Keep the Law (For Black Hebrew Israelites)

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Attempting to keep the law is futile and doesn’t lead to salvation. The law wasn’t designed to save men, but to show them their weakness and need for the Holy Spirit. Faith in Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s power is what saves men.

Why I Believe Black People are the Israelites

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Why are blacks mistreated so much in America and are they really the descendants of the Israelites of the Old Testament? I did a study. Here’s what I found.