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Racism: Six Secrets Revealed

23 minute read / 6 Comments / 13 shares

This is the end to the Secret of Racism series. In this last post I’ll reiterate the few secrets already revealed and include a few more. There are 6 secrets in total.

Racism: The Origin of White Skin

15 minute read / 4 Comments / 226 shares

Why is white skin considered to be superior? Where did white skin come from? Were the first human beings white-skinned? Did God make white-skinned people?

Racism and Colorism

12 minute read / 29 shares

Discover what colorism is, how it works, its origins and impact on the world; and what God has to say about dark-skinned and light-skinned people.

Racism & Religion Pt1: The Pope and Slavery

3 minute read / 48 shares

Learn how religion is used to keep black people subservient, clueless to their true identity, divided, stuck in sin and thinking the “white man” is God.

Racism: The School to Prison Pipeline

11 minute read / 35 shares

Why is there a high school dropout rate among black boys? Why is there a great percentage of black males in prison? This article helps you understand why.

Racism: The Real Reason Slavery Ended

8 minute read / 5 Comments / 78 shares

History would like us to believe that Lincoln freed the slaves for moral reasons and that blacks waited for him to save them, but that’s not what happened.

Racism: Engineering a People

17 minute read / 3 Comments / 27 shares

Here, we expose the systems behind the negative behavior in the black community. Black people aren’t solely responsible for their condition. Here’s the proof.

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