Pastors, bishops and so-called apostles use these three tactics to keep black people asleep to their true identity. Don’t fall for them.

Three Tactics

1. Cherry picking Bible verses

The pastor will only focus on passages of scripture that refer to all believers as spiritual descendants of Abraham (Galatians 3:28-29) but avoid other passages about the physical nation of Israel and God’s will for them aside the Gentile believers (Romans 11). The goal is to get you to believe that nationality doesn’t matter or that God replaced Israel with the Church.

2. Silly arguments

The pastor may make arguments based on the listener’s ignorance of Bible prophecy regarding the future state of Israel. The Bible says the punishment for Israel’s disobedience would be losing their land, language, and identity, so arguments like the following are just silly:

  • Black people don’t speak Hebrew, so they’re not Hebrews.
  • Black people live in America, the real Jews live in Israel.

3. Avoiding the core issue

The preacher will focus on refuting the false doctrines of these Black Hebrew groups but never deal with their core teaching about identity. Watch as some pastors avoid Deuteronomy 28, and all the non-biblical evidence to suggest that black people are biblical descendants of Israel.

These religious leaders seek to discredit the truth about black origin by emphasizing the many errors of these Israelite camps. They want you to “throw the baby out with the bath water.” Here are a few doctrines some pastors will refute while avoiding the teaching on identity:

Why are pastors hiding the truth?

Many pastors reject the truth for the same six reasons I gave in my earlier article. The other reason is because these leaders have yielded to Satan and may also be paid to keep the people asleep. Here are three reasons why they don’t want you to know your history:

  1. The truth will empower and free you.
  2. You can no longer be easily used or manipulated.
  3. You can repent and be restored to glory in Christ Jesus.

Knowing your true heritage isn’t enough

Many Pastors like Stephen Darby, Omar Thibeaux of the School of the Hebrews, and even Minister Farrakhan have told black people they are the biblical descendants of Israel but this is not enough. The awakened Hebrew must be born again and follow God in the Holy Spirit.

Video: Pastor G. Craig Lewis on the Black Hebrew Israelites

Watch: Pastor G. Craig Lewis discuss the Black Hebrew Israelites. You’ll find many of the tactics described in this article used in his show called the “EX Position.” Pay close attention to what he’s NOT saying. The video couldn’t be embedded so it’s linked below:

More videos of religious leaders talking about Hebrew heritage

Watch: Bishop T.D. Jakes says he’s a Jew of the Igbo people then says we’re all Gentiles.
Watch: Apostle Gino Jennings responding to the Hebrew Israelites.

Religious leaders who publicly told the truth

Watch: Minister Louis Farrakhan says blacks are the real children of Israel and then changes his story.
Watch: Pastor Stephen Darby reveals who the biblical Israelites are.
Watch: Pastor Omar Thibeaux talk about who the biblical descendants of Israel are.

Some African American black people returned to Israel, here’s their story.

Watch: 1997 BET Documentary about blacks returning to Israel.
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