The Author

My name is Neal Chester (Nealreal). I’m a Bible teacher, a Hebrew, and a husband. I’m tasked with helping people understand and enter the kingdom of God. I have no scholarly degrees. I’m just a man using his God-given gifts and talents to help people win with God.

Why I follow Christ

I understand his kingdom, and I want it. Being conscious for some time now, I’ve come to see how oppressive, unjust, and perverted these earthly kingdoms of sinful man can be.

Contrarily, the kingdom of God offers eternal life, health, wealth, justice, mutual respect among men, joy, peace, duty, purpose, fulfillment and belonging to a family of people who actually love you for you.

I follow God because I love his character, his power, his order, and who he is. My God is everything anyone needs.

The time allotted on this earth is for those of us chosen by him to be cleansed and transformed to fit into his perfect kingdom. I follow him because I want to be an eternal citizen in his kingdom and know the depths of his glory.

My religious background

I was raised in the Jehovah’s Witnesses cult from age five until I denounced it at the age 16. I was born again later in 2002 at the age of 22 and joined my first Christian church.

I was a faithful member of the institutional church across 3 Christian denominations including Baptist, Pentecostal, and Evangelical Covenant. I’ve been apart of churches in various stages of growth from startup, mid-sized, to mega.

Within these congregations, I served as an usher, media maintenance, youth minister, and the occasional janitor. I often taught the Bible in homes after church. After seven years in the church system, I realized something was wrong, and I left.


I met some professed Christians in 2002. While they didn’t share the Gospel with me, I soon had the revelation that Jesus was the only way to salvation, and I believed it. I later heard the full gospel from an online ministry.

My life changed. I began to hate sin. I repented of my sins and sought to live holy and righteous. Confusingly, the people around me, especially those who led me to join my first Church didn’t have this view. They lived contrary to the life of Christ and made excuses for their sin.

As I began to grow and voice my concerns, I was persecuted for Christ’s sake. And so I moved to a second church where it happened again. And then I moved to a third church where it happened again. After that, I was done joining “churches,” and asked God what was going on.

“Why were his people so wicked?” I asked. He responded, “Most of these people are not my children.” I replied, “Then why did you have your child grow up in such a hostile environment?” He responded, “To test you to see if you really wanted me.”

This wasn’t the end of the God testing. From that point on, life seemed to go downhill from poverty to homelessness, struggles with sin to triumphs over sin, marriage, and getting to know God deeper. It’s been a journey, but in hindsight, God was breaking me, cleansing me, and teaching me who he was and who I am.

The start of the ministry

After hitting the reset button—clearing my mind from all the false doctrines I’d accumulated from church—I began to study under the teaching of the Holy Spirit. I started to move further into my calling as a Bible teacher with my first online book: The Misunderstanding of Faith. From there, I published over 100 articles two other books, and I continue to do so with the purpose of instructing the saints on how to please God and become like his Son.

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