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The Good Wife, Part 3: Nobility
22:44 min listen
May 22, 2020 | No Comments
In this sermon, we study the popular "virtuous woman" in Proverbs 31:10-31. It's safe to say that if your quality of life dramatically increases because of a woman, she may be a virtuous woman from God.
The Good Wife, Part 2: Reverence & Holiness
19:31 min listen
May 16, 2020 | No Comments
In this sermon, we talk about the next level of wifehood: reverence and holiness. We studied Ephesians 5:22 and Titus 2:1-5.
The Good Wife, Part 1
20:39 min listen
May 8, 2020 | No Comments
In this sermon, we go over two sets of passages that instruct women how to love their husbands. These are the bare minimum a woman is to perform if she is to be considered a good wife.
Wives, Husbands and Sub­mission: the Hard Truth
31:30 min listen
April 30, 2020 | No Comments
In this sermon, you'll learn what actual submission is. Wives, you'll learn what to do with a husband you don't want to submit to. Husbands, you'll learn what to do with an unsubmissive wife.
How To Love Your Wife Like “Christ Loves the Church”
26:31 min listen
April 27, 2020 | No Comments
In this sermon, we share detailed instructions from the Bible on how to love your wife as Christ loves the Church.
How to Rule Your Wife: 10 Rules for Men of God
32:23 min listen
April 23, 2020 | No Comments
In this sermon, I explain ten rules every godly patriarch should remember in order to rule his wife and family well.
The Westernized Romance Problem
24:04 min listen
April 16, 2020 | No Comments
In this sermon, I discuss why the westernized modern-day idea of romance is detrimental to marital success and what to do instead.
Abuse & Patriarchy: Answering the Opposition
26:15 min listen
April 12, 2020 | No Comments
This message is a follow up to my sermon entitled "The Curse of Eve..." In this sermon, I tackle the opposing claim that male rulership (patriarchy) could lead to or is inherently abusive.
The Sexless Marriage: How To Avoid It and Rekindle the Fire
39:07 min listen
April 6, 2020 | No Comments
For singles and couples. In this sermon, I reveal five reasons why a marriage may be "sexless" meaning: there's low sexual desire, unfullfilling sex, or no sex at all.
The End of the Narcissist: Exposing Jezebel, Part 14
28:10 min listen
March 31, 2020 | 2 Responses
In this sermon, we conclude this series with what the Bible says about narcissistic people and the consequences of their life choices.