If black people are from Africa, where are all the slaves ships? These questions and more will be answered in this talk.

A reader wrote:

I recently watched a YouTube presentation by Kerry Davis about his belief that African-Americans aren’t from Africa…and are the true indigenous people in N. America. Mr. Davis stated that the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade didn’t happen and is another mechanism to confuse us on connecting with our ancestry. If true…then this could potentially negate the stance on American blacks being the actual ancestors of ancient Israelites.

Here’s my response:

Black people were truly in the Americas well before Christopher Columbus, but just because they were considered “black people” doesn’t mean they were Hebrews. If you go back far enough on any land mass you’ll find so-called black people because brown skin is the norm. White skin is albinism and didn’t spread until later.

We were not already here

When African Americans escaped slavery or were freed, some of them went to Florida where the Natives still had control of their and and others fled to Mexico. While some Natives did sell Hebrews, others were allies. Natives were a dark red-brown skinned people with straight black hair back then (hence the Washington Redskins logo), now they’re light-skinned due to miscegenation.

Hebrews and Natives intermingled and had families together. Therefore the images of little black girls with straight hair holding bows and arrows. But African Americans being mixed with Native American tribes doesn’t make a person Native. Israelites only mixed in with them after we were brought here.

Where are the slave ships?

The British have records of the Transatlantic slave trade along with ship diagrams as to how Africans/Hebrews were shipped and distributed across the world. I’ve seen too much evidence that shows that black American’s were in fact imported from African countries into the Americas. It’s absurd to deny the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the Middle Passage etc.

"Jesus of Lübeck" Slave Ship
“Jesus of Lübeck” Slave Ship

Where are all the slave ships? Destroyed in battle, or re-purposed. Many of the records of most slave ships are readily available for us to see. Therefore I believe Africans/Hebrews were shipped and not already here.

As I stated before, there were other black people here long before slavery and had dynasties but that ended long before the white man came. When Europeans came, there was nothing but the straight-haired, dark-skinned Native tribes.

This “new discovery” that black American’s are indigenous is designed to further confuse Blacks/Africans/Hebrews of their origin. African Americans think they’re Brazilian, Egyptian, Mexican, and now Native American. It’s true though, many Hebrews mixed with the Natives during slavery times, so it’s accurate to say that Hebrews/African Americans have some Native in their family. But the slave trade did happen and Hebrews/African Americans were not already here in America.

I watched 3 videos by this guy to see what you were talking about and I have to say, he doesn’t speak with a lot of facts. He hasn’t proved that the slaves ships never existed; and that quote by MLK wasn’t some cryptic message to African Americans that they were native to America. MLK was saying that his generation as well as a few generations past were birthed in America, therefore it was like they were slaves on their own land. If you’ve grown up here and so did your grandparents, you are technically native to America.

But we all come from somewhere else originally. Once again, there are port records, transaction receipts, photos and drawings of the slave ships. This Kerry dude, while he seems sincere, is deceived, and just another brother used by Satan to misdirect Hebrews from their true origin.

At the end of the day, there’s the word of God, his Holy Spirit and a people called African-Americans/Negros/Hebos/Blacks that very closely fit all the curses found in Deuteronomy 28 and many other passages of the Bible. Are you going to believe men or God?

I stand by the assertion that most of the so called African Americans that were shipped over here were in fact Hebrews who fled from Judea from the Romans, to the coast of West Africa, only to be abducted, put on boats, and shipped to the Americas and other parts of the world as judgement from God.

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