Here I expose how the false Church and its agents are used to program its members into being cowards.

The last article talked briefly about Harlot Church programming and how it is used to promote cowardice instead of boldness in the Christian. I want to talk more about how the programing works because it was used on me at one point. For the record: I hate Satan. If I had the power to torture and kill him I would, but that right belongs to Jesus Christ alone and at the end of time when he comes back to destroy everything that is unrighteous. For the meantime, I’ll settle for exposing and casting out Satan’s underlings. I hate Satan because he had a part to play in the attempt to murder my precious boldness that was growing inside after my new birth.

The promotion of cowardice isn’t just to keep a person from boldly proclaiming the truth of God, but it also molds them into the perfect slave for the devil. The coward fears what the devil may do if they ever decide to resist. Therefore, the coward goes with the flow and shuts his mouth. Cowardice is dangerous because this fear can spread into all areas of the person’s life.

I’ve heard it said, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” And Jesus said, “If you don’t stand with me, you are against me” (Matt 12:30). As Christians, we would prefer not to stand against Jesus Christ. But this is what the devil is leading us to do when he gets us to shut our mouths and to not proclaim the truth. The devil says:

You may not be a homosexual or a fornicator, but don’t you dare say that it’s a sin against God – keep your mouth shut and accept their practices as normal. Don’t point out the evils of this person or that organization, this has nothing to do with you, just be quiet. As the former wrestler, The Rock used to say, “Know your role and shut your mouth!”

My friends, the devil wants us to cower down and play along in his fantasy world. But we just can’t do that. By default, when we keep our lips zipped, we side with the devil and not with Christ. There are no gray areas. We must love what God loves, and hate what God hates (Proverbs 8:13). Jesus commanded us to teach people to observe all the things that he commanded (Matt 28:19-20), call people to repentance (Matt 4:17) and to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them (Eph 5:11).

New Life

When I first became a Christian I was bold – without apology. When someone sinned against me, or when I seen blatant sin being practiced, I would speak out about it. This is the norm for a true Christian. The true Christian knows instinctively what’s right and what’s wrong. A follower of Jesus has no problem speaking the truth, because truth is apart of who they are (John 14:6). Therefore, the devil’s first task is to duck tape the mouth of the new believer.

When I mention being “sinned against” I’m talking about the manipulation, by intimidation, for the sake of domination that goes on in the Harlot Church. In other words, spiritual abuse from the leadership and other so-called “brothers and sisters”. The real children of God are mistreated because their lives begin to make a stark contrast against the fake children. Because the sinners’ father is Satan, and the believers’ father is God Almighty, the devil’s children will go out of their way to steal, kill and destroy God’s offspring.

About the Harlot Church

Most of the true Christians today, at one point in time, were in the false church and are now coming out, or have already left. It wasn’t that they wanted to be there, it was that they were deceived because it looked like the real thing. The false church was setup by the devil to block people from getting to the true Jesus; and it was allowed by God to weed out those who really want to serve Jesus Christ.

If a person really wants righteousness and holiness, the Holy Spirit will show them that the Harlot Church has nothing to do with these. No real follower of Jesus will sit in the filth of the Harlot Church and remain there. They’ll study their bibles and discover the facade and leave. But for all those who want to continue in their sinful lifestyles, yet pretend to serve God, will defend it and remain in it.

I thank God for the Holy Spirit who led me out of Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Harlots. But even though I was physically free, her programming still had a hold on me. I can remember when it started to take effect. What you have to understand is that the programming comes with a spirit – a demon spirit of cowardice.

5 Signs of the spirit of cowardice

Bound, gagged and angry.

It feels as if something is binding your mouth every time you want to speak up. You get anger with yourself because the truth is held captive in your mouth and you can’t open it for some strange reason.

The sin of offense.

Saying anything to anyone that may offend them becomes a sin to you. If you are sinned against by a person, you will keep it to yourself and make excuses for that person’s bad behavior rather than confronting them.

Voices of fear.

You hear stuff like this in your mind: “If you say something about what they’re doing – they won’t like you and you’ll be put out.” Or, “Don’t you dare stand up for the truth, they will accuse you of being unloving and judgmental!”

Regret and Guilt.

If you do speak up, it’s often too late. Then there’s the feeling of regret that follows for not saying anything sooner. If you do say something, you will later feel “wrong” or “in sin”. Your inner soul won’t have peace because you have these ill feelings of regret and guilt.

Watered-down messages.

You’ll try to tell the truth, but in the delivery, the message becomes watered-down until it has no more flavor in it. It becomes no longer the truth, just something nice and encouraging – potentially damning the person to hell. A perfect example of this is the ministry of Joel Olsteen.

How the devil gains entry

Now I will explain how the devil puts one of these nasty spirits in you. When I first became a Christian there was this minister by the name of Jason Wilson who called himself “Maji” (which is a misspelled form of the word “Magi”).

Fresh to church life, I used to trust Maji because, in my naivety, I thought, “Why would he harm me? He led me to Jesus Christ and the church” – so I thought. But I later discovered his manipulative, controlling and condescending nature. And the fact that he hated when I confronted him about his character and what he was doing to me.

Therefore I judge, according to his fruit, that Maji was a sinner – someone who hadn’t been born again. The reason why I believe this is because a person can’t possibly be born again and not be convicted by such behavior. To freely flow in the Satanic gifts of manipulation and control is a clear absence of the Holy Spirit. God is a free spirit. He doesn’t control, condescend or manipulate anyone. But the devil, because he has no real authority, must rule through these methods. Therefore, a person exhibiting these characteristics has a demon spirit just as the person exhibiting cowardice. So the first demon spirit stalks the prey to find an opening into the victim’s soul, then it delivers the second spirit of cowardice.

Because I trusted Maji, the devil decided that he would use Maji (or Magi) to work his magic in an attempt to destroy (among other things) my flourishing boldness. There were two things the devil used: flattery and my own need to be accepted. If you can understand these two methods, you can avoid many tricks of the devil.


These people grumble and complain and live by their own selfish desires. They brag about themselves and flatter others to get what they want (Jude 1:16 CEV).

Jude talked about people who use flattery. In this case, Maji was using it to swell my head up and lower my spiritual guard. As I later discovered, words of affirmation was something that I didn’t receive growing up. So, being a crafty devil, he filled a need of mine that I didn’t know I had. This is why you should be on guard when someone is always flattering you – it’s a set-up for selfish gain. In this case, it was used to open a door to my soul. As my soul was left opened and unguarded, Maji came in and begun to demean me.

Because the demon had an open door to my soul, his demeaning words struck with intense pain. When I spoke up against the sin that was being committed, and especially the sorcery that was being used on me, the controller began to turn up the belittling and patronizing to make me feel even worst. I often went away confused and depressed because of what was happening to me. If I wanted the verbal abuse to stop, I knew what I was programmed to do: stop telling the truth, stop standing up for myself, stop being bold, and maybe this tyrant would lay off of me – so I thought. But it would never stop because this was one of the ways he could control me. As I bowed to the commands of this magician, I became a coward and a demon was set-up in my soul to bind me.


Like others, flattery worked on me because of my lack of identity. If I had known who I was and what I was, I would have disregarded the flattery and discarded Maji just the same. My point is: it was a need in me that the devil used to exploit. Wanting to belong and to be accepted by people is another need that every human has and what the devil will exploit to gain entry.

Next, as I periodically attended Maji’s church, I was told to join, so I did. I was quickly accepted into the group of the Harlot Church members. Then Maji was insistent on me becoming a member of his hip-hop ministry as well. I became a member not knowing that I would become a slave to this task master as he further exploited me to work in building his earthly kingdom called “The Yuinon” (which is a misspelled form of the word “Union”).

I was accepted by many with little effort. It seemed like I was always getting invited to Christian parties. I enjoyed this part of it because I thought that God had given me a family and friends – something I lacked in my own household. But it was the devil that was filling my need of acceptance in order to use it against me later. So the devil began to threaten to dis-fellowship me whenever I spoke up and told the truth.

When I’d confront Maji about his behavior, or other leaders, I’d get this response, “Well if you’re going to be like that, then I don’t need you around – you can leave”, or “I won’t talk to you anymore.” The demon in me would say, “I need to belong and be accepted. If I leave, I’ll have no one else to go to. I’ll be all alone without a church. I need these people.” Notice how the unclean spirit speaks with an “I” as if it was me who was thinking those thoughts. And the spirit in me would also proclaim, “You’re causing divisions. You’re stirring up trouble.” All of this worked in my mind to get me to cower down, keep my mouth shut and compromise. Do you see how the devil uses acceptance as a entry point and a control base to enslave? The devil is dirty.

All of these techniques were successful in making me shut up and tell no one. I would often still speak up but with extreme guilt afterward. I’d go back and forth. Sometimes I’d rise up against the spirit in me and speak anyway, and sometimes I’d shut up. This continued throughout my life in the Harlot Church. I hated the bondage that I was in and I wanted to be free.

Enforcing Cowardice

The following are a few things that the devil used to further enforce the spirit of cowardice.

Threats of physical violence.

Maji would occasionally talk about what he would do to me if he wasn’t saved. While this didn’t scare me, it was confusing because this guy was suppose to be my Christian brother, yet he was throwing around threats like some street thug. In other words, he was saying, “I might just revert back to my non-christian state and hurt you, if you keep exposing what I’m doing to you.” Face-to-face or phone confrontation would usually result in this way. This guy clearly didn’t want me confronting him. To constantly hear things like this is enough to throw your hands up and give up – and you should, as I’ll talk about soon.

Scoffing, yelling and accusation.

Maji and others like him would break into a dramatic performance commonly use scoffing, shaming, yelling, blaming shifting and accusation to get me to stop bringing up the evils they were doing. No one likes to being yelled at and accused of wrong doing. For this to keep happening every time you speak up, is enough to quit and give up – and you should, as I’ll talk about soon.

How to overcome

The internal voice that demeaned me and wouldn’t give me peace for speaking the truth was the demon. The anger I felt inside was God’s nature (my new man) who was angry with the demon and the sorcerer. But the voice that brought heavy regret and guilt was the same demon. That was crazy because it kept me from speaking up in the first place, now it condemned me for not saying what I wanted to say. What a nasty and torturous thing. Here’s how to get rid of it.

Learn to be accepted by God alone.

The lie is: You need to be accepted by people in order to be worth something. The truth is: You need to be accepted by God and only he matters. Next, you must believe that God loves and accepts you. And being accepted by him comes with standing for righteousness but against unrighteousness despite what others say and do. So it’s best not to attach yourself to people and groups. Don’t become a member of a church. You are already a member of the Body of Christ. When you attach yourself, you put yourself under their leadership and the dictates of that person who’s in charge whether evil or good.

Rebuke all flattery and know your identity.

You know what flattery sounds like: Over emphasis and/or insincere praise. It will seem like the person is faking and going out of their way to say really nice things about you. It will sound fake because it is. Have no part in flattery. Block it. Don’t allow it in. You must know your identity and have your esteem rooted in God rather than yourself. Study what God says about who you are and believe that – not the words of man. This will block the flattery which later turns into patronizing and demeaning comments. No one will be able to control you with their words because they no longer have an entry point. Remember: flattery is used to lower your guard to take from you or to put something in you. Real Christians, while they may encourage and speak well of you, will not go over-the-top and try to swell your head up. We are all on the same level in God’s kingdom and God is the only one to be glorified (1 Tim 1:17, Jude 1:25).

Bring correction and truth is not a sin.

If someone is offended by the truth, this isn’t your problem – they chose to be offended. The truth hurts because the truth is a person (John 14:6). Jesus is the Word, and the Word is a sword. Therefore the truth is a sword that cuts deep (Hebrews 4:12). But Jesus says, “And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me” (Matt 11:6). You must recognize the lies of the enemy. The truth is: You didn’t sin against God for telling his truth and repeating his words in his Bible. You are not unloving. Actually, you show love when you tell the truth because love rejoices in the truth (1 Cor 13:6). Stop feeling bad for confronting and correcting someone because they were sinning against you – you did the right thing. You may feel bad about it because your mind has been tampered with. Shake that programing off and change your mind.

Recognize the spirit and cast it out.

In the devil’s false church and world system, there can be no one who speaks the truth with boldness. Anyone who does is vilified. Most people have been made into cowards and babied to the point that they’re too soft to take correction. So they get angry and through a sissy-fit. I often confronted my bullies, and because of that coward spirit in me, I often went away feeling like a bad Christian. This feeling was the demon inside scolding me for speaking out. Recognize that it is a demon. Don’t believe that it is you. Don’t entertain any of its dictates. Say to it, “I command you to depart in the name of Jesus!”

Even though the surrounding sinners and pseudo Christians will view you as an angry person “with issues”, or call you “unloving and abrasive”, stand firm in the power of Jesus Christ. Rebuke those feelings of regret and guilt. Pray the demon away and speak-up no matter what that feeling inside says to you. Soon it will go away because the demon of cowardice can’t abide for long in a vessel that won’t stop telling the truth.

After you proclaim the truth, leave it to God.

The Proverbs says:

He who corrects a scoffer gets shame for himself, And he who rebukes a wicked man only harms himself. Do not correct a scoffer, lest he hate you; Rebuke a wise man, and he will love you (Proverbs 9:7-8).

But Jesus says to confront your brother who offends you in Matthew 18:15-17. So what if your supposed brother is found to be a scoffer? Repeatedly, Maji and many others in the false church scoffed. The Proverbs says that it is vain to attempt to reprove such a person. We must correct in the spirit of love and if they they scoff, leave them to God. There’s no need to waist any more time on the matter – all you will get is shame and hatred. We are not here to change anyone, only to present the truth. Because Maji was not a brother, there was no need to even get other Christians involved to referee the situation, as Jesus talked about in Matthew. In the Harlot Church many are not born again and you can guarantee an unrighteous judgment by other harlot members who will side with the sinner rather than the Word of God. It is pointless to battle and debate (2 Tim 2:23).

The sooner you break ties with the false church, the better. It is not a place for a new Christian to be. God commands us to withdraw from such people (2 Thess 3:6). We came from the world, into religion, out from religion, and finally into a relationship with Jesus. As religion is the false church, God allows us to go through it to show us, just like the world, that religion has nothing to offer us but a stone and a serpent (Matt 7:9-10).

What happened with Maji?

I broke ties with that guy along with his church. Afterward and over the years, he’d periodically call me to request website work for his hip-hop ministry. Each time acting as if everything he did, and everything the devil did through him, didn’t even happen. I would decline him each time. There was absolutely no repentance or acknowledgment of the sin against me or God, yet he still expected to use me as he did before. Perhaps he thought I would forget. Or maybe he figured, if his sorcery worked before, it could work again.

Finally he got the message as we had a long conversation through email as I detailed what he did and why he was not to contact me anymore. There was a great burden that lifted off my showers as I boldly spoke wrote the truth again, and later forgave him even though he never admitted any wrong doing. I later understood what the devil was doing through him and he was probably under more torment than I used to be under. So there was no need to hate him any longer.

Someone ignorantly commented about this article stating that Jason isn’t a bad guy because of a what he initially wrote about me on his website. There is a “testimony” written by Maji, on his main website, about the origin of our relationship, which isn’t entirely true. It sounds so “loving“, but behind the scenes was the exact opposite. Back then, I argued with him about not what he said in it because 1) it wasn’t true and 2) it belittled me to make himself appear so faithful and spiritual. But through witchcraft he made me post it on the website anyway, so it remains there today. What is written isn’t always the truth and people should be aware of that. What is written here is the real deal.

I mention his name, ministry and church because, yet still a sinner, he has now moved into the ministry of mentoring young boys and I have concern that they too will be spiritually abused. I have already heard two reports of his neglect and demeaning of some of the boys. This ministry is called The Yuinon and is located in the Detroit Michigan area. I may talk more about this ministry, but like all systems within the Harlot Church, it has to be God who reveals to those within her that it’s all a facade.

To this ministry’s members, I don’t have any particular problem with them, I just hope that their eyes are opened to the truth of the extreme error with “Christian/Holy Hip-Hop” and the wicked churches and ministry they participate in. I’m sure some will be offended by this article, but it is the truth, I have no reason to lie and I don’t care how you feel about it. My only positive word to Maji and his ministry is this, “Jesus Saves. But only if you acknowledge and agree with God that you need a savior. To pretend to be a Christian and continue in sin will damn you to hell. Drop your pride, confess, repent and obey Jesus Christ (John 14:15).”

I was silent for a long time but it is time to expose some of this stuff. All that occurred about 3 years ago. Since then, I am recovering. I am slowly being strengthened through the power of the Holy Spirit to stand bold against the demonic forces who use people as pawns. I rebuke the spirit of cowardice in the name of Jesus Christ and I ask God to give those people who are under its bondage the power and the will to be free.

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This ministry is no longer in service. I left the Christian faith and no longer agree with some of the content posted here. However, this website will remain available for archive purposes. Read the details in my last post.


  1. Bless you Neal. I totally know where you are coming from. Thank you for sharing your testimony.

    I was recently at a meeting of some Christians, it was not a church. Anyway the gospel (small g as it was not the Gospel) and they failed to mention repentance. Then said ‘if you prayed that prayer Jesus will be with you forever’. I wanted to get up and shout what about repentance, but I was bound in my throat, I was held back by FEAR of getting persecuted. Then I just went into bitterness and judging. FAIL.

    I know what you mean.

    1. I would get down on myself really bad when I didn’t speak up. I still struggle with this. My thinking now is: confess, ask God for forgiveness, and seek to be on guard the next time to speak up. I just need to get back up, dust myself off and do better next time. Thank God for his grace. Finally it’s the Holy Spirit that does the talking, but we still have to work with him.

  2. Hi Neal,

    I just came back to this article after having a ‘bold speaking’ episode. It’s been a reasurance to me.


  3. I enjoyed reading your post. I was once one of those people who ended up in a dead church for 3 years, i thank God that he opened my eyes to seek and find the truth for myself.