Chapter 0: Pride is the Problem

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Please note: This book is incomplete and currently in development, bear with us as we fix typos. Stay subscribed to receive notifications when new chapters are added. Redistribution isn’t permitted at this time.

The intent of this book is to help followers of Christ understand what pride actually is, how it’s the cause of most sins; but by overcoming it, paves the way for an easier relationship with God, power over spiritual darkness, and eternal greatness in the Kingdom of God.

This book not only exposes the problems but provides the practical solutions every Believer needs to endure to the end. The enemy has naturally fought to delay the completion of this book, so pray for me as I finish it through the Holy Spirit.

You may have read my article on Pride & Arrogance, but this book goes deeper into the subject and exposes what it really is. Please consider reading this for your spiritual growth.

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