The truth is we are eternally secure in Christ if we remain obedient, but if we chose to practice sin, we can’t expect to inherit the Kingdom even as God’s children.

Send this to all your Calvinist and Baptist friends. The controversial topic of whether Christians can lose their salvation is being tackled again. If you’re a legitimate child of God, is it possible to die and go to hell instead of heaven? Many believe a saint can indeed lose their eternal inheritance while others don’t.

The latter believe they have “eternal security” using the saying, “Once Saved Always Saved” to summarize their doctrine. Others may label themselves “Calvinists” named after religious leader John Calvin whose doctrine included the idea that a child of God could never be sent to hell.

In this sermon, we take the main Bible verses used to support Calvinism, study them in context, and reveal what God really says about a believer’s position in Christ. We’ll discover that a child of God could end up eternally damned but God has made a way to prevent that.

You can see this sermon’s scripture references from my book, “The Misunderstanding of Faith,” chapter 6, under the heading “Seven Arguments.” Other scriptures referenced were 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and Matthew 7:21-23.

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