In this sermon, we cover three reasons marriage was created for men and contrast a god-centered marriage with a gynocentric one.

From the outside looking in, some men today see marriage as something to avoid due to the mistreatment of husbands by their wives, sexual restriction and dissatisfaction, and emotional and financial devistation when there’s a divorce. And these men are right. Under a gynocentric society, marriage is not good for men, but did you know that God created marriage to benefit men?

When we study the Scriptures, we see that marriage was created for men (Genesis 2:18-24). Once again, a godly marriage is the union of a man and woman with the wife assigned as a subordinate to help the husband in three areas of his life.

Marriage is designed to help men in 3 ways

  1. Sexual intimacy, pleasure, and satisfaction (Proverbs 5:18-19, 1 Corinthians 7:2-4).
  2. Reproduce himself by bearing offspring (Genesis 1:28, Genesis 4:1).
  3. Fulfilling his destiny, missions and purposes (Ecclesiastes 6:10, Ephesians 2:10, Jeremiah 1:5, Romans 8:29)

Marriage is also a mini construct of God’s relationship with his people

The man is like Christ and the woman is like the Church (Ephesians 5:32). God wants men to be like him and experience his work as God. Men are like little gods.

Satan perverted marriage

Marriage was intended to help men be all they can be, but Satan used it to steal, kill, and destroy using women as the weapon. Marriage, under a gynocentric society, does the following:

  • Fulfills the wants of women while disregarding the needs of men
  • A man’s life’s purpose is detoured, hindered, or completely destroyed
  • A man’s worth is reduced to his degree of usefulness to women
  • Men are restricted to one woman at a time
  • A woman’s lust to control her husband is supported and empowered (Genesis 3:16)
  • Men are deprived of sex or controlled by it
  • In many cases, his children are taken away and turned against him through state legislated divorce

When the focus is on the woman, the marriage fails because:

  1. The husband is sexually unfulfilled
  2. The husband is detoured from his destiny
  3. The husband’s children are poisoned by his absence and the lies of their bitter mother

A successful marriage doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should work as God intended, if not, it’s a failure. However, God can restore a marriage if both parties are willing to work with the Lord.

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