In this sermon, I explain some of the ideas, beliefs, and behaviors that prevent parents from raising healthy children; and the solutions to solve these issues.

Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. Many of us grew up with deficits from parents who didn’t have all the information so this is not a judgment on anyone. The following is an overview of decades of psychology research surrounding parenting. Listen to this sermon as I unpack the top ten things that cause parents to raise unhealthy children.

The top ten things:

  1. The idea that parenting stops at providing a child’s physical needs
  2. The idea that a child must come to the parent to learn
  3. Erroneous religious beliefs around sex, faith, and fellowship
  4. Parent(s) who didn’t want children
  5. Overworked and stressed
  6. Dysfunctional upbringing, but no therapy or healing
  7. An absentee parent (or no parents at all)
  8. Bitter never-married or divorced parents
  9. When a good parent tolerates a bad parent
  10. A lack of love
parents create narcissists
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