In this sermon, we uncover six reasons black people have a hard time accepting their true identity.

1. They have low self-esteem.

Because of post-traumatic slave syndrome and continual negative media messages designed to destroy the esteem of black people, many Hebrews can’t see themselves as anything other than descendants of slaves, thugs, hoes, victims, and worth very little. When they hear they are the chosen people of God, they think to themselves, “That can’t be true, I’m not that great.”

2. A black person told them.

Black people have been programmed to see white people as more credible than black people; this comes from slave systems designed to minimize uprisings by creating disunity and a lack of trust.

3. They don’t want to upset racist white people.

Integration has made some black people so comfortable they don’t want to disrupt that. They instinctively know that identifying with anything black, being “too black,” going back to their roots, and acknowledging their true heritage (especially in a predominantly white church) will cause problems in their seemingly peaceful coexistence with white people.

4. Every depiction of Jesus and the Israelite are white.

Images are powerful and leave an impression on our minds. If you depict Jesus, the Hebrews, and the majority of the Biblical characters as Caucasian white people and then Ashkenazi, Kharazian white people show up claiming to be the lost Israelites, most people will believe it. Some people have a hard time distinguishing manufactured images embedded in their minds from the true image of Jesus and the Israelites.

5. The behavior of some Hebrew groups repels the idea.

Many Black Hebrew religious groups have condemned other races and turned-off a lot of black people, including black Christians, from receiving anything they have to say. What the devil has done is packaged truth in such an ugly vessel that many won’t accept it thus keeping it hidden from the masses of blacks who need to know their heritage.

6. They know they will have to change their life.

When black people realize they have a God, who has commands and who has a book he wants them to study, they realize they’ve got work to do. That work is submission, faith, repentance and obedience. Most people, including black people, are their own god and refuse to submit to the Supreme Lord and Creator despite the conditions he’s placed them under and the blessings he will restore them to if they humble themselves and repent.

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