In this sermon, I talk about how fathers play a part in a woman’s submission to her husband, the three kinds of submissive women a man will encounter, and more.

This message is designed to wrap up my series of sermons on the topics of submission and dominance. The following are the sermon notes:

Three kinds of women in the world

  1. The woman who submits because she was trained by her father, religion, or culture. It feels natural and easy for her.
  2. The woman who only submits if her man remains dominant. If her man begins to believe the lies of feminism, she’ll seek to dominate him and eventually leave.
  3. The woman who only submits when convenient but is always trying to take the wheel. She wants to dominate while benefiting from the protection of a man. She is disfunctional—this is how most westernized women behave.

Submission and the father’s role

As I talked about before, it’s hard for women to submit because of pride, gynocentrism, and the curse of Eve, but a woman’s relationship with her father has a lot to do with it.

Women who struggle with submission usually have issues with their dads:

  1. Dad wasn’t there
  2. Dad was abusive
  3. Dad didn’t rule

Women who have issues with there fathers must forgive, repent, and understand that their earthly dads are not a representation of all men, and their husband deserves their respect and submmission in order for the man and family is to be successful.

Barriers to submission

A wife who manages other men and women at someones place of employment is confusing herself and making it difficult to submit to her husband when she returns home. Likewise in the Church, a woman who is a co-pastor is invalid and brings confusion to herself and her congregation.

Women who want to please God and fulfill their creation roles must not operate in positions of authority over men.


Gynocentrism programs men to submit to and pedestalize women. And it tells women they are queens, leaders, and godesses. This leads to women dominating men through societal laws and manipulation.

Deep down men want to be dominant, but their societal programing says it’s wrong. When young boys choose to be gay or effeminate, this is their attempt at trying to win in a woman-centered society. They realize the culture hates masculinity—it hates them.

Gynocentrism has corrupted Christianity as well. The enemy uses Ephesians 5:25, and other Bible verses, to support gynocentrism when it says, “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it.”

God doesn’t want men to make their wives the center of their lives, sacrifice everything for them, or to put them first. Rather, He wants men and husbands to please Him and put Him first (1 Thessalonians 2:4, Matthew 6:33).

Gynocentrism promotes idolatry in the form of women worship which is prohibited when God said, “Thou shalt have none other gods before me” (Deuteronomy 5:7).

Prepare for war

  • Feminine men hate masculine men.
  • Masculine women hate feminine women.
  • To be normal is to be shamed and attacked.

About being a dominant man

  • To dominate you must have a strong set of rules, a strong will, and a “no compromise” attitude.
  • Women must be made to submit, not just expected to, and it’s easier for them to do so if you have a plan and a course.
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