It’s important to understand our purpose because it keeps us aligned with the Holy Spirit. If we ever get side tracked, we’ll know how to get back.

It’s important to understand our purpose as children of God because it keeps us aligned with the Holy Spirit. If we ever get sidetracked, we’ll know where the narrow road is, and if we’re already on that road, no one can convince us to divert from it. The purpose of mankind on the earth is threefold.

1. Your purpose in life is to glorify God

We were created to glorify God (Colossians 1:16, Isaiah 43:7, 1 Corinthians 10:31). To glorify God means to exalt, elevate, dignify, enhance, promote, praise, celebrate, and honor. God can be glorified through our lives. The rest of creation already does this. A squirrel gathering nuts, running up trees and playing with other squirrels glorifies God. Birds nesting, flying, and singing in the morning glorifies God. Plants blossoming and bearing fruit glorifies God.

When God looks down and sees his creation in order and operating how they were intended to, this brings a smile to God’s face and he’s exalted. God’s creation is like a finished painting as the author stands backs feeling great about his work of art. When others see his work, they too, honor the creator.

Just before the fall, Adam and Eve glorified God just by living. They were loving one another as husband and wife. Adam was acting like a son of God. Eve was acting like a daughter of God. They were living as they were designed to and it glorified God.

So, you can imagine how God feels when his creation is either polluted or chooses to operate defiantly from how he intended. When mankind becomes proud, selfish, dishonest, sexually perverted, and every other thing contrary to the character of God, this doesn’t glorify God.

It’s like someone went behind the artist of that painting and marked all over it, distorting the image and, ruining what was originally beautiful; this is what Satan and sin does. But if we obey in the little things of life, we can fulfill our purpose to glorify God.

2. Your purpose in life is to fulfill God’s call

Everyone has a ministry. Ministry just means service. We’re all called to serve God and other believers in this world and the next. Selfless service is how the Body of Christ functions and how the world should operate if it wasn’t governed by Satan.

We all have a “calling,” a specific place in the Body of Christ in which God will use us to accomplish his will. You can know your place in the Kingdom by your spiritual gifts (Romans 12:6-8) in combination with your physical talents given to you by the Creator.

By default, the life of every child of God should evangelize to the lost (Matt 28:19-20; 2 Corinthians 5:17-21). Some of us are called to work more closely with sinners to bring them into the Body, while others work more closely with those who’ve already been converted for the edification of the Body. Ministry as a whole is simply sowing seeds, and maintaining the garden of God so we can reap a great harvest at the end of time.

Finding your calling

You can know your place in the Body by what burdens you the most in the world. Is there something that remains on your heart about the world or God’s church? For me, it was the ignorance of my brothers and sisters, and the spiritual gift of teaching that grants me revelation of the Scriptures. Their ignorance was due to false teachers.

These abilities showed me that my position in the Body of Christ was to educate the Saints with the wisdom and understanding of God, which helps us stay on track. I, along with many other men, have been called to teach God’s people, and my position is constantly confirmed by testimonies that glorify God.

Many are called, but few are chosen (Matthew 22:14). Few are chosen because they don’t glorify God in their personal lives to begin with (in the little things, as mentioned in point 1). Therefore, they won’t be called to handle the big things of God as it pertains to his Kingdom.

If you don’t know your spiritual gifts or your talents, keep asking God until he tells you; and make sure you glorify him in the little things first. Take that burden you have regarding the world or the Saints to the Lord and your call and position in the Body of Christ will be revealed.

As you accept the call to ministry, you will glorify God, but make sure that your life behind closed doors also glorifies God. You cannot perform good works in the public eye, and do evil in private, and expect to profit in the end.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man (Ecclesiastes 12:13).

3. Your purpose in life is to be like Christ

This time allotted on this earth is for our souls to be cleansed from the nature of Satan and transformed into the image of Christ:

For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren (Romans 8:29).

We’re going back to our original state before we were corrupted by Satan (Romans 3:10-23). God wants us to become like his holy son so that we can have deep fellowship with him for all eternity (1 Peter 1:15-16).

Through the grace of God, we can be transformed (Titus 2:11-12). And in that transformation, we learn to stay connected, and focused on him like it was in the beginning. Then, we’ll spend eternity with our God joyfully ever after.

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This ministry is no longer in service. I left the Christian faith and no longer agree with some of the content posted here. However, this website will remain available for archive purposes. Read the details in my last post.