Just because a black man or woman identifies themselves as Hebrew doesn’t make them apart of a religious hate group.

Misconception 1:

Nationality, group affiliation, and religious beliefs are all the same thing.

People tend to affiliate any black person who now claims Israelite ancestry with the various religious groups and/or cults who proclaim the same. All these groups have different interpretations of the Bible and practices. Some evangelize on the street, while others do so through the Internet. The only thing they all have in common is the belief that black people are the Israelites of the bible.

But because a black person claims Israelite roots they’re automatically a part of these groups? Is that logical thinking? When you meet Chinese people, do you immediately assume they practice Buddhism? Do all Indians you meet practice Hinduism? What about an Arab, is he/she automatically Muslim? Are all white Americans Christian? The answers to all these questions is, “No.” Then why do you group black people who claim Israelite nationality with these religious groups?

Nationality is something totally different from a religion or a religious denomination. Religion is man made and the groups I mentioned above borrowed parts of Judaism, biblical practices and their own doctrines to form these religions.

Now, on to nationality.

Nationality is about belonging to a particular nation—ethnicity. Nationality is simply an origin. Black people are the called out nation God originally created in the Old Testament which he later scattered when they disobeyed and rejected his son. See my article on the why I believe black people are the Israelites.

But because these groups tie nationality in with their religion, people assume anyone claiming Israelite lineage is apart of these outspoken groups—this simply isn’t true.

I got an email from a reader who agreed with the true origin of black people but made this comment “[but] other blacks in our community think you’re going against God…” My response was this:

Well, that’s their problem if they think that. People tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater when they don’t have spiritual discernment which is why someone would assume that since I’m claiming to be of Israelite descent that I now follow the false teachings of these Black Israelite groups. My whole article was about why I can’t join them because they are against God, so how someone would groupme in with them is their problem… [These ignorant Christians] think being an Israelite means you’re apart of these Israelite religions. These are two separate things. Ethnicity is one thing, following the false religion of the ethnicity is another.

Misconception 2:

Black Hebrew Israelites are Anti-Christianity

This is true and false. Let’s start with the false. There are true followers of God who hold to the label of Christian and Christianity. Then there are true followers of Christ who separate themselves from the titles of Christian and Christianity because they believe it all to be a false religion. Both groups understand something is terribly wrong with Christianity.

The first group believes Christianity was corrupted, but was pure at the beginning, while the latter group believes it was never pure to begin with. I’m of the latter group. Both groups however revert back to the biblical teachings of Jesus (before the Saints were ever called Christians) and follow Christ in the Spirit.

The Christian figures, “Since they’re attacking my faith, nothing they’re preaching can be true.”

When religious Hebrew Israelite groups criticize Christianity, the saints who hold to the title of Christian get offended because they believe their faith is being attacked. Therefore they reject everything the Hebrew has to say including Israelite origin of black people and miss the one truth in all the error of these groups. The Christian figures, “Since they’re attacking my faith, nothing they’re preaching can be true.”

The Christian doesn’t even bother to check whether or not black Israelite origin is true, instead they reject the whole thing, or worse, go out their way to discredit these groups by destroying their other teachings. And exposing the errors in their other teachings is not hard to do because these men are not Spirit-filled, but this doesn’t prove that their claim of Israelite origin is false.

I, on the other hand, have no problem with religious Israelites criticizing Christianity because most of what they’re saying is true—most of it. I left the false church system (Churchianity, the Institutional Church, the Harlot Church, False Christianity or whatever you want to call it) in 2008 and a great portion of my book “The Misunderstanding of Faith” and many of my articles exposes the error in the Christian religion. However, I don’t reject Jesus as Lord and Savior.

NOTE: for a detailed look at why I don’t call myself a Christian any longer, but love Jesus and follow his teachings and Holy Spirit, visit my research on the origin of Christianity. Just because a person denies the titles “Christianity” and “Christian”, doesn’t mean they deny Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Now, let’s end with what’s true about this second misconception. There are groups within the Israelite nation who deny Jesus as Lord and Savior; and everything to do with Christianity. So when you come across them, you’ll be extra offended as they disrespect our Lord and pretty much expose themselves as antichrists (1 John 4:3).

But you can’t group them in with the other groups who do believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior. Nor can you group anyone who claims Israelite genealogy in with the religious practices of these groups.

The truth wrapped in an ugly box

As I stated before, the truth of black origin has been wrapped in an ugly package of proud and loud men on street corners cussing people out, excluding gentiles from salvation, trapping people back under the law, promoting polygyny and tearing up families. All those things are true about some of these groups, but that doesn’t make the Israelite origin of black people false, and it doesn’t mean a black person who believes they’re of Israelite blood is apart of these groups.

What this all means is that the devil knows the truth of black origin and is trying to prevent you from embracing it by promoting these arrogant groups—don’t fall for it.

So stop affiliating nationality with these groups, or throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Ask God for discernment. And ask Israelites you meet what they believe and if it doesn’t sit right with your spirit, stay away from them.

For those people on the fence about Israelite ancestry, you must have the Spirit of God to understand and know this truth. Until God reveals this to those who humbly love the truth, they will think anyone who believes this origin account to be crazy and affiliated with these misguided groups.

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This ministry is no longer in service. I left the Christian faith and no longer agree with some of the content posted here. However, this website will remain available for archive purposes. Read the details in my last post.


  1. Yes, thank you! I have the same exact stance as you so which is why I love reading your blog! I no longer call my myself a Christian or am a part of church, but I still believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior. On the other hand, I believe we are the true Israelites, but I don’t agree with many of their teachings. It’s hard to find someone who fits that exact view and I found it here. Thanks for the blog post! 🙂

        1. Hi Alicia, I no longer maintain that list and have discontinued it for some time. However, I’ll keep you and you husband in prayer.

  2. I love your blog. I am now convinced that African-Americans are the true Israelites. But also I don’t want to be associated with the Hebrew-Israelites because of the same reasons you came to. I haven’t read all your blog but I can thank God for what I have read already. Much of it is confirmation of some of my own thoughts. Our lineage andidentity as Israelites and the curses that have befallen us explains a phenomenon that I have perceived and been perplexed by. I call this existential plight of Black Americans the ‘ENIGGERMA.’ Which is a ‘blended’ word combining the meaning and spelling of two words together… that of course being ‘enigma’ and the n-word. I have seen this existential plight and has wondered about it in light of scripture and my relationship with Jesus Christ. The only thing that makes sense is that we are the descendants of the original Israelites. We are the Hebrew people. So thank you for you excellent articles. I really feel a calling to research further and to spread this understanding in the light of the true Gospel message. Your ministry has mattered a great deal to me and blessings upon you.