In this sermon we discuss Zionism and the motivations behind the Khazarian Ashkenazi Jews’ theft of the true Israelites’ nationality.

Zionism is a movement by the Jewish people to initially get a homeland because they were constantly getting kicked out of European countries. They claim it was due to antisemitism, but further research reveals it was because of their own trespasses against the hosting countries.

The Jews were accused of child sacrifice, usury, economic collapse, introducing decadence to entertainment, and racism to name a few. The Jews were expelled from at least 109 countries.

The below video is a segment from the Oprah Winfrey show about a Jewish woman’s confession regarding family human sacrifice rituals.

While these converts to Judaism currently occupy the Palestinians’ land, they remain at war with them because they are not the rightful owners nor do they respect the inhabitants.

The Palestinians have so many problems with these false Jews that they created an encyclopedia called the Palestinian Problem. This book presents a well researched account of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict from the Palestinian point of view.

Part two of Zionism is about world domination. They have their land, but now they need the rest of the world under their control. All of these goals are coming from their sacred satanic writings called the Talmud and perverted passages from the Torah. Of course, the truth is suppressed in America because Jews control the educational, media and political systems.

Research the following:

  • All wars were started by Jews.
  • What is Usury (riba, interest) and why is it so evil?
  • The Federal Reserve is not a governmental institution but a Jewish bank.
  • President Kennedy was assassinated because he wanted to prevent what is now called the Federal Reserve.
  • The Jewish Holocaust was a hoax. Look up “Holohoax.”
  • Jews supplied the ships for the Transatlantic slave trade.

It’s important to note that some Jewish people do not support Zionism, thus the Anti-Zionism movement.

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